Secretary of The Board

According to the law, an Administrative Secretary is appointed by the Board, but in practice, since the establishment of the board, the Secretary has always been posted from the pool of Administrative Officers in the office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation. In addition to being the Administrative Head of the Board Secretariat, the Secretary is also the Accounting Officer of the Board. Also, the Director/Secretary sits on the Board at its meeting. Consequent upon the enactment of the amendment Act of 2004, the ex-officer members from the Finance, Transport Commerce and Industry were left out of the Board.

The Secretary handles the day-to-day administration and monitors the implementation of policy decisions of the Board. At the helm of affairs of the Secretariat is the Director/Secretary of the Board in his capacity as both the Head of Administration and the Accounting Officer of the Board. The Director/Secretary runs the Secretariat on a daily basis and performs all functions that are determined, directed or assigned by the Board. He exercises authority over the appointment, promotion and discipline of the staff of the Secretariat that are on grade level 07 and below.